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NAMTA's purpose is to maintain Montessori traditions, and at the same time, to be on the cutting edge of innovative education. Accordingly, we provide the medium for study, interpretation, and improvement of Montessori education.


Recent themes have included Montessori frameworks for adolescence; language, creativity, and culture; parent education; nurturing the human potential; all-day Montessori; future challenges; school administration; nature and aesthetics; and moral and character development.


Themes set for this year are:


Winter 2012—A National Montessori Curriculum Report 
The NAMTA Journal publishes The Australian National Montessori Curriculum. The curriculum supports educators working with children from birth to the end of Secondary (Grade 12). This is a must for any Montessorian. 


Spring 2012—History as Psychodiscipline: A Whole Montessori Integrated Approach
Borrowing from the proceedings of different NAMTA events, including the Baltimore 2011 NAMTA conference, Montessori history is approached as the backbone of the Montessori studies. This definitive history shall be prepared for use across all disciplines and planes of development.


Summer 2012—Whole-School Montessori Handbook Supplement 2012 
This supplement for administrative best practices will focus on the right use of strategic planning and the reorganization of institutional openness. An orientation to public relations will focus on securing stability and achieving cooperation from all players, including faculty and parents.

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