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NAMTA's purpose is to maintain Montessori traditions, and at the same time, to be on the cutting edge of innovative education. Accordingly, we provide the medium for study, interpretation, and improvement of Montessori education.

Starting a New Montessori School: Promotion

5. Promotion



Publicized public meetings and open houses allow the public to meet new teachers and see the prepared environment. Public meetings can include a video presentation plus a speaker: a Montessori guest professional, a parent from a more established school, or a newly selected teacher for your school. The presentation time should be limited to about 40 minutes, including the video.



Publicity for public meetings and for the school can include notices posted in libraries, churches, and stores. Newspapers, local radio, community newsletters, and community television require a press release. Group marketing with other, established schools through a common mailer saves costs.


Telephone Listing

A telephone listing in both the white and the yellow pages is a must. Many Montessori communities have a tacit agreement to avoid display advertising in order not to force an expensive game of one-upmanship.

Prepare a school letterhead with logo, address, and telephone number.



School brochures should be relatively inexpensive but at the same time reflect good layout, artwork, and typesetting. Typical items in a school brochure are the following:

  • Identification of the school
  • Address and phone number
  • Statement of philosophy
  • Brief description of program characteristics
  • Program description for each age level
  • Admissions procedure
  • Tuition
  • Faculty and administrative staff list
  • Biographical sketch of Maria Montessori
  • Recommended Montessori books
  • Question and answer series explaining Montessori education
  • Map showing location
  • Good, clear photos
  • Non-discrimination clause

Tuition and fees and other material subject to variation may be inserted as a loose sheet.


Other Materials

Other promotional materials can be obtained from national societies such as NAMTA and AMI-USA. NAMTA offers introductory booklets for both preschool and elementary levels, and AMI-USA offers a brochure describing Montessori philosophy and practice.


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