Spring Conference: Montessori Guidance for Adapting to the Global Digital Culture

Montessori Guidance for Adapting to the Global Digital Culture

April 4-7, 2019


Greater Tacoma Convention Center, Tacoma Washington


The acceleration of technology and the complexity of changes in our current society will define the future for today’s children. Montessori educators will partner with leaders in the newly emerging field of “human technology” to examine technology’s impact on the lives of children and families. The balance to the acceleration of technology is explored through the power of story, nature, and self-expression. The call for a humane technology is also a call to explore the forces that ground us and help us to understand ourselves. As Montessorians we have the knowledge and practice that addresses the development of the “whole person.” A Montessori education develops critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity all within a microcosm of a respectful, harmonious society, thus preparing each individual to adapt to their own time, place, and culture.

Follow-up lectures and discussions will include:
• Guiding students through the turbulence of social media;
• Technology and creativity in math, science, and the arts;
• Working with parents to develop realistic guidelines for the right use of technology;
• Storytelling as teaching;
• The power of nature to inspire and guide development; and
• The role of creativity and self-expression across the planes.

  • Brochure and registration will be available in early 2019




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Our spring conference Montessori Guidance for the Global-Digital Culture promises to be informative and inspiring. This conference will be of interest to all: teachers across all planes of development, administrators, parents, and other educators. Please join us in Seattle/Tacoma, WA. Registration details will be available soon. Conference admission also includes entrance to “A Night of Poetry and Stories”, a special event featuring our keynote speakers and being held at the Alma Mater Tacoma.