A NAMTA Conference in Houston, TX, January 14-17, 2016

Growing Up in a Culture of Distraction:
Finding Positive Montessori Strategies to Support Concentration


Featuring author Maggie Jackson and
Montessori teacher trainers Annette Haines and Sarah Werner Andrews


January 14-17, 2016

Houston, Texas


Concentration and engagement are the guideposts for our work, yet now more than ever we see children who are distracted, behaviors that are out of control, and an over-reliance on labels and specialized interventions. Montessori educators have the potential to help children find the right activity that will fully capture their attention and aid them in developing their full capacity. We have the tools to help children control their own actions and responses, to concentrate despite distractions, to integrate sensory perceptions, and to engage in positive social behaviors. But we too need help accessing these tools and strategies.


This conference will take a holistic, positive view of children who seek grounding in the physicality of the Montessori environment. We will explore supportive strategies to implement in the classroom as well as the total school environment to help teachers develop an appreciation and understanding of the unique gifts of children who experience the world differently. Keynotes will feature Montessori trainers Annette Haines and Sarah Werner Andrews. Breakouts will include discussions about the design elements of environments that support concentration and creativity, strategies to support individual and social engagement, and how to better help all children find their own path to “normality.”