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+Self-Discipline DVDSelf-Discipline DVDIn this DVD we see many children in the process of becoming self-disciplined, which is the result of honoring the child'...$25.00+Self-Discipline BookSelf-Discipline BookThis book is brimming with practical tips on topics that confound modern parents, like whether to use rewards, when to o...$6.00+Movement DVDMovement DVDBabies and toddlers who are creeping, crawling, and furniture walking demonstrate the principle that the brain and the b...$25.00
+Movement BookMovement BookFrom the infant's involuntary movements to the toddler's more purposeful movements, we glimpse what is possible when the...$6.00+Independence DVDIndependence DVDThis DVD shows a diverse group of toddlers and young children in the process of becoming independent.$25.00+Independence BookIndependence BookParents learn how to create an accessible environment, how to show their child daily activities that lead to independenc...$6.00
+Communication DVDCommunication DVDParents and their babies and toddlers lyrically model best practices for the optimal development of communication.$25.00+Communication BookCommunication BookParents will learn how to encourage their child’s natural drive to communicate by following simple guidelines.$6.00+Aid to Life materials: Complete SetAid to Life materials: Complete SetBooks, DVDs, and fliers on the topics of independence, communication, movement, and self-discipline.$120.00

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Our spring conference Montessori Guidance for the Global-Digital Culture promises to be informative and inspiring. This conference will be of interest to all: teachers across all planes of development, administrators, parents, and other educators. Please join us in Seattle/Tacoma, WA. Registration details will be available soon. Conference admission also includes entrance to “A Night of Poetry and Stories”, a special event featuring our keynote speakers and being held at the Alma Mater Tacoma.